General meeting coming up. Yours truly informing of progress and where to put in that extra effort. Nothing much to it, really. Keeping everyone motivated, or at least trying to. A busy week, this. And Wednesday it’s time for the daughter’s vaccination(?). Thankfully it’s a less than busy time of year at work; I find the time to work on the production as well, which is wonderful. Taking a load off, enabling me to call some people. Like to think of it as the entire department sharing my interest in this production-matter. ~~~ Long weekend. Girlfriend in her tears about potentially letting go of her mourning of her brother’s dead, in turn letting go of her idolozing him, in turn facing her mother alone. Have long ago stopped preventive work in favor of the quick support fix. If I’m to fulfill a life of my own there’s not room for filling that hole in her dam with my thumb; I’d be stuck forever. So she’s on her own in this, by all her accounts all else wouldn’t help her along anyways. Which is, to some extent, sad to say, but the days do shift about and who’s to say where a couple of years down the road takes one? ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.