Allowed the girlfriend her sleep, in light of her two night’s of allowing me to sleep in the basement, in prep of shooting – the last two days of the production, i.e. Gratefulness included yours truly getting breakfast from the bakers. Haven’t struck me yet, that I don’t need to concern myself with driving to Copenhagen at some ridicilously early hour. Actually, I don’t think it’s sunk in yet, for there’s been no kind of reaction as far as I could measure. So that’s a bit of something to look out for. Meanwhile, packed the car – wife, kid, gear – and drove to Jutland, up to see the folks and generally relax, take the mind off the previous intensive time. Great conversation with Dennis alla way up, I’m sure he stayed awake just to be social, it’s in his genes. Dropped him off at Harridslev, by Randers. With a shake and a hug and a promise – unspoken, on me – to get back with him as soon as chance permits. If anything I walk away from this production one or two friendships a richer man, and I would very much like to include him, Dennis, as a friend. I suppose, in some odd fashion, it’s like having seen combat action together. We haven’t exactly shared blood, rather a shared vision of how it should all come together – and did, in the end. His training and confidence lead my way, surely, and – truly – I would not have been able to pull this thing off without him. I struck luck when I called him, and now when the intensive part is all over I call upon fate to keep him close and allow me his friendship. Best of luck to him, over the coming month when he’ll be shooting his own film. Hope it brings him all the great things that shooting mine gave to me. ~~~ So am back where the it all began, at the folk’s – where on the twentieth of June I stopped by before picking up Dennis in Randers. Have probably things I need to close up, duties to perform, yet I find myself in a carefree position, able to realize the importance of doing nothing whatsoever but exercising my free will at doing exactly what fancies me. This entry, one of’em. Feel the need to start penning my thoughts again. Anticipate triviality in the form of a shaped working day and available evening, to spend at my leisure. Near every damn action of late has had a helluval lot of commitment attached to it, enough to make me momentarily sick and tired of that concept. I look much forward now to going to work come Monday. Funny as it may sound, and sure as hell is bound to feel like. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Will visit with my bank, settle some things, then hope to team up with cousins Thor and Philip in Skive, would be a treat. Am hoping for a quiet day.