Took the car to work, as I had arranged to stop by the first apartment we filmed in, on Krusågade. Yvon, the name of the girl/woman who lives there, a friendly face but there’s something infinitely saddening about her and I did my best to clear out as soon as possible. Fixed a couple of things of her’s we broke during filming, pretty basic repairs but of course things needed doing. Then revisisted the Grand Central Station, carrying my bicycle into the repair shop there, had them break the lock upen as it got broken somehow and I couldn’t get it off myself. Do need to buy myself one of those things they use, a (?). Have been in need of it before. Got stuck on the E20 on my way back, of course, at four o’clock a Friday afternoon. But wasn’t in a hurry, unlike other times. How great it feels, not to drive in having to meet up with twenty people, just me and a bit of music in the car, that’s it. I forgot how it feels like, not to be committed to anyone or anything. In fact, in compensation hereof set up an evening on the town of Malmoe in the company of Thor and Rasmus and, I hope, Michael as well. Second of September, if I have anything to say about it. ~~~ Quiet evening. Tomorrow there’s a bit of a party going on here on our street, around three and onwards, will be interesting to learn more about our neighbours. Have plans to get everyone’s email-addresses and create a common Forum on the Internet, would be nice to have, possibly. Other than that will lay low, maybe get the preparations going for that office downstairs, in the boiler room. Cleaned it out and the dust lay an inch thick, damn near. Dirty job. Will remember to call the folks, they’ve been sick for a while and I should be checking up. Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.