Did the Neighbourhood-party thing, not as interesting as such but they were a bunch of nice people all around. It’s difficult to get into these things when you’re wrestling a toddler, the time is spent watching the little one instead of socializing. Not such a bum deal as would sound, my less-than-social persona admitted. She’s a good excuse not to engage in conversations, and I must admit that after a month and a half of filming I could do well without taking on too many people at one time. ~~~ Called the folks, they are doing better, thankfully. I was a bit worried there, at one time. But they’re up and about, at least, and did manage the drive to Viborg, so I take that as a good sign. ~~~ Quiet day. Hope the little one sleeps better tonight than yesternight, which was hell. Tomorrow Sunday. Aim to relax in full. Am hoping for a quiet day.