Polished a wall lacking paint in several places in the basement, in the boiler-room I’m on to converting to an office/lounge. Nothing to it, was in a very childish way proud of myself when it was done. Did manage to call the old man for worthy advice, he’s – they are – almost on top again, after the pneumonia he managed to secure them both. The penecillin seems to work for him, by mum’s account. ~~~ Quiet day at work. Chatted with Bo Hedemark of the Aarhus department over the computer messenger-thingy, about the possibility of us, V & K and I, babysitting his house some time come October when he’d be going away, to Greece. Would love the chance to sit in on his abode again, last time – Summer of last year – was a tremendous succes. Aarhus always holds promises for me, for one who used to live there. Twenty years to this house and we talked about moving out, to Aarhus or very close by, V got smitten by it, too. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. Work is beginning to come in, so it’s bye to the downtime and time to get cracking again, on some real work for a change. Am hoping for a quiet day.