Yesterday stayed home from work and slept throughout most of the day. Could’ve moved to work, surely, but don’t think I would’ve been very efficient – and with little to do, I found more amble reason to stay away and rest. I might still be suffering, I think, from that lung-thing I got hold of on Bellahoej Camping, those damp nights. It feels somewhat as if my capacity has diminished, and when I lie down at night I get the, albeit controllable, urge to cough. I do sleep rather well, these nights. This I know because getting up in the early morning is a bitch of a start of the day. Am rearranging my strategy and donating myself a half an hour of extended rest, in as much as I’m up at five thirty and not five o’clock. Coincides with V’s start of her new education, though, so I can only manage this trick three times a week – since our girl needs to be picked up from her daycare, and there’s a need to allow a few hour’s train-delay. Had an introductory meeting with the daycare-people, by the way, about the little one’s new routine in regards to the carecenter. Nothing to note, little to add, all seems to be going well. They’re good people, and able as well. ~~~ No news from Lars Brink, in respons to my emails. He’s been quick to respond previously, so I take this as a sign he and Sandra have engaged in a new social status, ‘parents’. Should put in a call, or a mail. ~~~ Had Sis and Thomas over for a quick barbeque, which was great – both counts. She soon commences her new education, or rather recommences her old one, this time to follow through? She looks great as ever, he in turn has grown a few more grey hairs. But he still throws caution to the wind as far as common traffic laws go, so the youthful spirit must be present somewhere below the exterior. He’s a funny guy, in no ridiculous terms. So adamant in his faith in whatever he puts that faith in, it requires a Herculean conviction to convince him of anything otherwise. Next thing a different argument finds his way and he’ll be advocating a completely different perspective, with the exact same level of conviction as the previous belief. In thus he’s to be taken with a grain of salt, though I must say how knowing him I find it somewhat relaxing to be in his company. One can be sure, given his military ways and general upbringing, that he’s one who is not afraid of raising his voice in a situation of crisis. I would go to war with him anytime, sts. ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. Am hoping for a quiet day.