Spending the day at Funen, with the outlaws. Am amazed, simply, at the little one’s cognition, these days. Everything speeds up now, mind-process-wise. This afternoon she was powergaming her old man, trying – with me acting along – to knock me over with both hands. A whole deal of fun. Which is not, sadly, something one might say of our visit here, yet I guess it’s not as bad as, say, dental surgery. Tomorrow’s 80-birthday will go down in the same vein, undoubtedly. Named little one offers, at least in compensation of the logistical efforts one puts in, in favor of a weekend such as this, a fair excuse to get up and leave the party at regular intervals. The logistical efforts have diminished, incidentally, we’re not dragging four packed bags and a babycarriage with us anymore. Nowadays just one bag and a lift suffices. I guess I must’ve looked forward to this. ~~~ Quiet day. V’s dad’s bought a DVD-recorder, so I copied what little I desired from his miniscule DVD collection. Just about as much as I got out of this day. Had rather stayed home, but when did I not harbor this desire? Tomorrow Sunday. Am hoping for a quiet day.