Horrible night’s sleep. Had the little one wake me up at regular intervals. Notably at around two, when she needed changing. And boy do I mean changing, the full monty. Presumeably – my guess – the ice desert of yesterday’s 80th birthday got to her, if not the other crap we stuffed her with, denied the regular dining-rythm. Was glad, any rate, I had gotten so used to singing to her when I’m changing her, as I was able to lullabye her thus despite the late (or early, whichever one prefers) hour. Got her back and couldn’t stand the smell in the bedroom where I’d changed her, so went on the couch and slept some two hours before getting up at five. Rotten way to start a new day. ~~~ She had so much trouble falling asleep, I guess she’d experienced so much by way of the yesterday, so no blame on her part. She was kind enough as to realize she must be tired, and didn’t move around too much when I put her back down into the bed and tucked her in and put my hand on her forehead, let her know I was there, looking after her. Reminded me, when I stood there, of the visit with the folks in winter, when V was doing her seminar-thingy, on Funen. Upstate she didn’t care to fall asleep come time for her mid-noon nap, she was going through such a troubled time sleep-wise around then. So I got in the baby-bed with her, cramping myself together and only leaving enough room for her to turn to either side, generally leaving her only room to go to sleep. Which she did, and we lay there for two hours, so close I couldn’t allow myself to move and thus wake her up. Light sleeper; just like me. I thought she was the prettiest thing I’d ever seen, felt a very strong desire to look after her, take care of her as best as possible. …And the damnest thing, she won’t remember any of it. Well, I think that’s perhaps the fondest memory I have of her, until now. Others will emerge and rival it, of course. Anyways. Last night just got me remembering that time. A good time. Good memory to have and hold. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Will try and go to Slagelse and change the oil on the Nissan. Work might require my prolonged presence. Am hoping for a quiet day.