Tore down the old shed in the garden. Had needed doing for a while, so got to it in a spell of being alone. Turns out there was a wasp-nest(?) in there – thankfully abandoned, but it still gave me the creeps. Turned the makeshift roof down, on top of the appletree, memorial to V’s departed brother. Such a stupid thing to do, should’ve secured the thing beforehand. Took one branch off it, given its early age this meant a third of the three. It’ll live, but I cursed myself throughout the rest of the day. ~~~ Quiet day, actually. V took the girl to some brunch-thingy and I was alone to my own devices for some five hours. Made good use, turned everything on and up and got it out of my system. I hadn’t wanted to not listen to music for this long, but with a little girl in the house it’s not something one can enjoy, as the interruptions ensue. The Police’s greatest hits were a welcome change of volume. Crancked up as much as my poor system allows. Somehow the computer’s media player bestowed a perculiar equalizer setting on top of the tracks, causing Sting’s voice to place itself in the background. This as opposed to his bassplaying, which suddenly inhabited the forefront and I was per consequence paying attention in a wholly different fashion. The basslines in question are marvellous, really shook up the place and I can tell, given his autobiography which I finished, why he should’ve chosen this instrument for control rather than a guitar for show. ~~~ When’s the quarterly on the house in, I wonder? Have been so out of economical tune I haven’t got a clue, actually, must get back into that thing at some near time. As always my strategy is to not use money on myself, which will hopefully work out. Wouldn’t enjoy calling on the folks, hope to avoid it. ~~~ Another working week awaits. Back to basics. Writing this on the commute on my way in, actually, had hoped to catch some sleep but a school-class of fifth or six-graders turned the tram(?) over. Kid slept like a feather, out of nightmares presumably. Good thing I got some sleep in the daytime – V’ll have her’s after she has taken our girl to the daycare. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.