Money seems a bit tight. Did my budget and figured out that, as far as the year entire goes, I’m in the red. A few months’ are black, but otherwise it’s a losing battle. Offers a few difficuelties, apart from the ‘regular’ ones, if you may. The girlfriend has gotten so used to my coming to her rescue, it’ll be hardship before she learns I can’t be as able with those money-transfers as I used to. She did, in her honor, call me at work to vent an idea she got, of walking dogs around town in order to make a few ends meet. Seems like a good idea, though sadly not one which may the greatest impact on our household budget. Questionmark insert here. She is, must be, left to her own devices. I can’t take responsibility for the decisions she makes, and if she chooses her ways less carefully it’s her own name on the bank statement. I have paid quite large sums in her favor, in the past, but now that I’m faced with this kind of financial challenge there’s little to do but savor the meagre funds I do possess, try somehow to make it through to the tax-returns – on which I may have to cheat, even. Quite possibly call for help with mum and dad, volunteering their fiscal assets. Ole, even, offered to drop a penny or two into my sad account, for which well will towards me I’m truly grateful. He’s a grand fellow, and having him for company, back from his vacation, is a treat. I have missed his company. ~~~ Attempting to avoid the attendents on the commute back, as I missed the renewal of my monthly commute-card and didn’t have it in me to cough up a hefty hundred crowns to get home. In my defence did attempt to pay for a ticket with one of their machines supposedly capable of receiving payment and issuing said stub, but alas, the crap didn’t function and I was left in the lurch(?). And the length of the quque at the regular vendor stretched beyond belief. Why is it, I wonder, how it seems always at the most busy hour of the day that some arrogant existance, usually a middle-aged woman blinded by her sunglasses (as was the case today), chooses to become the most annoying, timeconsuming customer of the day? Where did that temper of mine suddenly come from, stading there and wishing death to her? I haven’t been as temperamental as of this half year gone since I was a first grader. But it gets to me, at times, and I’m sadly aware of it. There are too many things one – I – cannot put words to, these times. Can’t even tell where I’m going with this… ~~~ Tomorrow wednesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.