Look a bit forward to the weekend, which I’ll be slaving away on fixing things on/at the house. V and our girl goes to Funen to allow yours truly some peace of mind. ‘Tis better this way; allows me to work odd hours and just keep going without no immediate end, which is the way I like it, just keep going until the work is done. Thor will join me on the Saturday, looking much forward to that also. Sis’ birthday present should come in handy, the ‘Handyman’ book I received from her/them when we barbequed, a couple of weeks ago. ~~~ Today my birthday, age thirtyone. No greater news, really. V wanted to do something about it yesterday, as she knew she’d be away this day, tending her education. I’m not as interested as some… I make sure to treat myself good throughout the year; there’s little actual sense in promoting one specific date of the year on behalf of the others, it’s just time passing, ‘s all. But she insists on lavishing me with attention every year, of course it’s a habit I could get used to, should, as she’s certainly keen on it. Darling. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Am hoping for a quiet day.