Weekend deserves a mention. Thor came by and did a great job helping me out with the house and garden. Enjoyed the hell out of his company as we drove back and forth to the recycling station and dumped garbage en masse and came back with sheds(?) to cover the grounds, or a great part of it at least. The ole’ hatchback worked wonders as a trailer, put a tarp (?) inside of it and ’twas no problem cleaning it afterwards. Got rid of so much crap I couldn’t believe it, damn grand to be rid of it all. Worked the grounds throughout the Saturday entire, then retreated to the house and painted walls, cleaned out the garage and boiler room. Enough work for two men for two days, yet sadly barely half the items on my list. Overly ambitious, as ever. Had sent V to Funen, to visit with her folk as I and Thor went about turning the place upside down. No use having her and our girl around, wouldn’t enable me to work the hours I would like, the kid would get all wound up because I couldn’t spend more time with her, V would get upset about not being relieved some more, etc. Better this way, plus she even likes the occasional trip, V and our girl alike, so where’s the harm. Saw ‘Heat’ in the Saturday afternoon, sixth or seventh time we saw it in our good company. Great, great film, I had bought the special edition of it and was glad to note that the special part was a referral to the extra material on a seperate DVD disc, with no alterations to the original movie. ~~~ Back in business. Have outstayed my break after the end of the filming, not by much but just a bit, so it’s time to set up those two days and start going at the post-production with an attitude. Frequent talks with Dennis has me exited about the prospect of closing it, and the film entire. But more to come. ~~~ Busy week as far as babysitting my own daughter goes. Monday and Thursday being V’s study-days, tomorrow Wednesday she’s going to some seminar on dieting or whatever, and Friday she’ll return to Funen to be with her parents in lue of the anniversary of her brother’s untimely death. Am rather happy to stay behind with Kirstine on that last one, I must say. Her spells on the phone with her mother have again altered in frequency, they’re not far apart these days. Not shortening in length, as rationale would commend them, I’ll maintain my wish neither of them would use the other as a girlfriend, rather than keep the mother-daughter distance. But that’s not to be. ~~~ Brief talks with the folks, both of them, on seperate occasions. Both seem fine. Mum’s delighted to be able to surrender tips on gardening, it’s very evident in her voice when she gets going. And I’m in damn sure need of those tips, so am pleased to offer the opportunity. They got rid of the pneumonia the old man sent around, and she got the use of her arm back, following the latest sclerose-attack. So all’s well as can probably be. Ever the repeated promise of funds into my back-account, countered by my promise to take them up on it, when needed. Possibly – very soon. ~~~ So all’s well, etc. Tomorrow Wednesday, will pick up the kid from day care and treat her right all the way to her bedtime stories and the singing and all that, which I’ll enjoy to the extent possible. Can’t believe she’s my kid – she gets prettier every day, there’s no stop to the cute element in her. And smart, too, she’s getting around to what it’s all about, that’s for sure. Staking her claims. Daddy’s girl. Love her tremendously, and do not for a heartbeat regret fathering her. ~~~ Wednesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.