Very quiet day at work. Resorted to putting some of my stuff up for sale on the Internet. My CD’s sold like nothing, so I probably hit the price just right. The messing about in my basement has uncovered more than I need, to this seems a good way of getting rid of some of it. Grantes me a bit of money to spend in a time where there’s a shortage of that, which is of course nice. ~~~ Back and picked up the daughter from daycare, entertained her for a bit (and vice versa) until V got back at half seven in the afternoon. Down in said basement and covered pipes and other plumming in plastic, ready to refresh the walls with the chalk I bought, will do this household good to have some order restored down there, which is what will happen first thing that room is ready to have some furniture in it. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.