Efforts in applying chalk to the inner walls of my basement prove excellent results. In a week or so I’m ready to move things back into the boiler room and start work on the other three rooms down there. It looks like a warzone as is, but all those trips to the recycling station and selling one or two odd items I won’t find use for ever more have done a great job at making the project look at least possible. Though much indicates I’ll need to find the extra time to install a swinging door for some cat has taken a fancy to us – or at least the buffet V gets out every time she hears it call on us, from its stubborn position at the front door (even). A service-entrance would definitely be of use, here. The little girl sports her pig-tails with an obvious pride, and has many extra words to offer us these days. Naturally a great many nouns and vowels are missing, we find the meaning anyway, somehow. I’m granted much time with her, just the two of us, by way of V’s course, and general education. So I get to pay her back, V, for the time she tended to our girl whilst I was filming. Does my conscience great and it’s a generally very, very great time. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.