Got up incredibly late, as the girl of ours’ insisted on keeping us awake – not to mention herself – throughout the night. Don’t know what got into her head. Even the cat got enough of it and split. Couldn’t blame it. Put in that cat-flap, to the downstairs office/boiler room. Which is beginning to look really good, by the way. Moved the big mother closet in there, put together some cheap shelves, am beginning to look like I imagined it. Hope to have it finished soon. ~~~ Met up with Mads, this early afternoon. One day short, as fortune would have it, of his flying out to spend a year in Los Angles. My precious L.A., I think he’s rivalling me in enthusiasm. I was able to fuel him some, I think – in truth his going gets me revisiting the place, and all the good times in the World I had there. We talked for some three hours straight, I really enjoyed his company and the chat there at ‘Klaptræet’. Has been a while since I shared such a good time with anyone. I hope the best for him; he is deservent of it, by a far, far measure. His deameanor is one of sweet kindness towards others, I cannot think of a kinder person I know of. He’s so interested in learning by doing, being challenged as an actor, as opposed to that dreaded notion of ‘making it’. Whilst recognizing the deeper reasoning behind his going, and his trade for that matter, he is ready to play it humbly; I so like him for that. And he’s off to a running start, by all I gather. Going on a student-visa, not the damned tourist-thing I travelled by. Twelve months and he’s got his sweetheart by his side, too, have never met her but he speaks of her so affectionately I would much care for an introduction. So he’s a bit better prepped than I, goes with the territory, sts. An actor lives by auditions, and he’s one for going to them – and going places, I so hope. All for his sake. I consider myself highly fortunate to have met him, more so worked with him, a helluva lot more than that to have talked with him today, and the many times to come. God willing he’ll recognize a friend in me. Best of luck to you, pal, ‘go for it’ is all I can say. Go and have a blast. ~~~ Got back late – didn’t see my darling girl as she was in bed long before. Ah, it’s okay – I’ll get to see her a whole lot in the days to come. V’s gone Thursday, so I’ll be putting her to bed then. Come Friday it’s off to see the folks’, up north. If she stays away from that cold’s been threatening her these days past, I hope. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.