Expenses, expenses. Old worries are hard to quit. With a balance of zero’s, I’m glad the paycheck is only five days away. And that V’s gotten back to work. Today, in fact, she sends the little one off to day care, and I’ll pick her up from work and send her off Thursday as well, in V’s official absense – travelling with said work to Jutland, even, throughout these days. Even the weekend she’ll be gone on same errand. Putting in a full working week, first one in a long time. With enough work to go ’round, add the movie to be filmed on the fifth and sixth, we’re not seeing so much of each other these days. Preperations for the shoot takes up a lot of energy, I do wish it was an over and done chapter. Have finanlly amassed the nerve to start calling people again. There’s not so much work here as it seems, but non-the-less mental blockade makes it seem overwhelming. Nothing much to do but get the work done, no matter. ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. Am hoping for a quiet day.