First entry of the year arrives curtousy of the little one foregoing sleep – on her behalf and ours. Why, ah well, her need for her mother’s presence got the better of her, I think. At least that’s the only reason I can think of, given her recent penicillin-cure. She has been gone a while, Vibeke, but her courses soon come to and end and I myself always have the opportunity to retreat into the basement, which is the escape I have taken to now, for example. These are ackward nights. There is little proper rest, and little proper family-life. It’s all so … disturbed. Not much quiet. Work on the film keeps me at ease about it. I have gotten toughter at claiming time towards the project, and, ultimately, myself. Ensures the survival of the relationship, if not indefinitely at least momentarily. Better than not at all? I harbor doubts, I’m sorry to say. There seems always to be something new going on. A new course, a new concern of hers, a new period of illness, etc. We have a dog, now, some mutt she got a call from a girlfriend about. Now it scurries about constantly. ~~~ Piecing the puzzle together – the film, I mean. It’s interesting to see if come together. I am granted a working weekend this one upcoming, will use it to do away with all work on the film, the transitions between the scenes. Next up is taking a hard look at the music, of which work some have already been done. And the title-sequence bothers me no end, I want it to reflect the film’s underlying message but have a troubled time nailing it. I desire to indicate how the struggles of the main characters is one we all inhabit – but how? A little something to think about. ~~~ Now off to work. Tomorrow Wednesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.