February 21st, 2006

Tuesday. ~~~ Brief entry this. Half past eleven already.
Colorgrading is an absolutely necessary step, I’ve found, yet
timeconsuming, as is everything. Sent the trailer off to SF-Film. Have
a semi-good feeling about it. Enquired about sound stage/studio
assistance, apparently in the likes of some two-hundred fifty thousand
– and that’s minus the Dolby-licence. Seems quite unreachable, this
kind of quality to the film. Good to find a letter from Michael in the
email. He’s a reassurer, as well as the kind of great guy he is. Wish
to get in touch with him soon, face to face i.e. Dubbing/”mastering”
sound this weekend upcoming. Am not looking forward to it, as I feel
increasingly uneasy about the results from these two fellows, Lars and
Emil. What I’ve heard so far haven’t impressed me, not one bit. ~~~
Took the girl and V and that dumb mutt up North, to visit with the
folks for a weekend. A nice trip, and she did well in melting hearts.
She takes to her, mum. Dad’s a safe bet, always were. They speak of
coming to visit us next time, I’m betting we’ll be up there soon enough
again. It’s quite a trip, even to us, young folks. The car’s worse for
the weather, don’t know what to make of it as I’m not a mechanic. So I
guess I’ll take it, in due time, to someone who is. Due time… The
financials are worse for the weather too. Was unable to pay for a
year’s financial company accounts, so will have to make some myself.
Nothing I can’t do, but, yet again, timeconsuming. ~~~ ‘Nuff
complaints. Tomorrow Wednesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.


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