March 7th, 2006

Feel like shit – am stressed-out, overworked, plagued by a cold slash pneumonia that won’t go away, leaves me feverless just enough to force me to go to work but cough all the time and miss regular sleep. Hours on the production are stacking up, this one-man-show-thing wears me down. Encounter heavy resistance: nearing putting the thing together for a presentation am inclined to hang on to it, never let it see the light of day – at least that’s where I put the blame for my decease-stricken health. But every day nears the end of it, and I keep my chin up thinking of how these things I spend those many, many hours doing, well I won’t have to do them over and over again. I do them now and they’re done. And that’s a comforting thought. ~~~ Financially it’s a bit tight. No greater news. Nothing much to do but wait it out. And not spend money on what’s not needed. Won’t be a problem – for me, at least. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.


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