Putting together the colorgraded scenes of the film, towards composing a DVD title to be played back with whomever utters their interest in the final product. “The final product” what a notion. I can’t see the day ahead when I won’t be working over this project. Has been with me for ages. How does one let go of something like this? Still much to be done. Sound mastering, a few effect-shots – have become quite adept at taking care of this digital post effects-business. ~~~ Downloaded and stored this year’s Academy Awards ceremony. It’s a blast to me, one can do that, download a full-length tv-show like this and watch whenever. Rent videoes over the Internet, I’m still in the world where I expect VHS cassettes on the shelves when I go and rent a video at the local gas-station. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Will go and collect the last sound-bits – scenes mixdowns i.e. – and put them back into the film from whence they came. Hope Emil’s got the upper hand on Lars, whose work I was not as happy with during my second listening of his stuff. Emil might be the better post-sound man here – indeed Lars himself pointed this out to me. Am hoping for a quiet day.