March 13th, 2006.

Monday. ~~~ Little one is sick again; small wonder, as the winther drags on and on and on. Minus fifteen degrees celcius between last night and this day. Horrible. The house struggles on our behalf, doing a great job I think. Don’t know if V’s so enthused, probably not. She coughs and coughs again – I’m shaken by every sound, as it’s around ten o’clock in the evening and she’s been put to bed, now threaten to keep us awake throughout the night. I’m a nervous mess, am I not. ~~~ Tomorrow’s a day off in the name of the film project. Will this be the day when I’ll see the last of these two sound-guys, so apt on annoying the hell out of me with their inept social skills (one of them) and laziness (the other)? I should really, really hope so, but who’s to say I won’t be needing their assistance again. Though, I do feel as if I know enough by now to take on the sound myself, worst case scenario. Taking the day off, in fact. My job has really been my support throughout, and continues to back me up. No where else could I have found such an understanding boss and flexibility in my working schedule, could I. I’m very grateful. Put his name up as the first on the ‘thank you’ list, absolutely had to. My prime supporter. ~~~ V’s folks over, to support her and themselves on the day of her departed brother’s birthday. A year and a half ago. They have such different ways of dealing with it, all of them. I’m amazed at their resilience in sticking to the family schedule, all for one and one for all. ~~~ Call from Dennis, threatening to join us near the weekend next. Have apparently made enough money as to quit his job and get on with his film, good for him. Will be good to see him again, he speaks of staying a few days, why absolutely. Hope we’ll all be fit for fight when he shows, God knows we’ve been sick enough – yours truly in particular. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.


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