April 16th, 2006

Saturday. ~~~ Cracked up the windows and let the Spring inside. Some plus fifteen degrees. I write too much about the weather. But it’s been such a harrowed winther. Never again. As if it was truly up to me. Enjoying the Easter Break, ah, well. There’s still plenty to do. Drove to Copenhagen and attended an Easter dinner with V’s folks, her grandmother and her brother, Henrik. Who fitted when her mother tried to drag him off the table. Given his state of existance, there’s no doubt with V he’d be better off wearing a diper, so as not to be dragged away from the dinner table and throw a fit. It was a sight, for sure, this late twenties man hopping up and down like a crazed rabbit, yelling those monotonous stuttering sounds at a ridicilously high decibel. Anyways – the little one slept from it, so no getting scared here. ~~~ Cut some seven minutes from the finished film – so now it’s what, finished-finished? Still remains external check-ups, sound, then some… I long to see it distributed. If ever. Talks should be in the next month. Hope they don’t deem me arrogant for checking in so early, only to keep the result away from them for some month before the sound was in place. ‘Sound’. Right. The expense in favor of a theatrical distribution speaks of some three hundred thirty thousand crowns. Holy God, that’s a mighty sum of money. I would do with it, surely, given the IRS ‘you in our debt’-notice. Seems as the real estate tax was not paid in full. Just short of ten thousand I need to come up with. Ten thousand, God. Seems as painful a sum as three hundred thirty. Must now call Sis and ask for good will. Which she’ll undoubtedly offer, still… It’s not a fun situation. Do wish I could count on V to support some of the expenses in regards to our life in this house – this somewhat expensive house – but that’s not to be. Anyways, was on about the film-talk. Should seek consoulling, but where? It seems like a private party. But have one or two leads I will follow up on. Oh, and the title-sequence is still out of place. And, and, and. And I’ll be the wiser in a short while yet. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.


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