Cleaned house from day begun to day end. In spite of better things to do, certainly, still something which needed doing. And with V and the little one out of the house I found my chance to go at it effectively. Dispatched them to Funen in order to sync sound on the film, but as things turned out the previous edition I’d rendered towards the presentations Tuesday was terribly out of sync, sound-wise also. So I had to put the machine back to rendering a new version. It’s still not done here, at half past eight in the evening nearing the twenty-hours it has computed it will need – I’m very hopeful it’s the last time I’ll need to render a version before the mentioned Tuesday presentation. Tuesday… I haven’t begun to dread the day yet. In fact I think I’m being very simplistic about it, and I grant it my fatherhood experience why I’m not that worried about it. They will either accept it or they won’t. Pretty simple as that. Probably a good thing I’ll bring Tatiana with me. She’ll turn their heads and make’em loose focus, couldn’t help but be of aide in this troubled time. So, with the computer off doing its thing, there was little to do but turn the house upside down. Broke the wall to the adjacent room down, i.e. the structure I’d put up myself to keep us from freezing to death during that hellishly long winter. Added a heap of space. Doing away with the mutt’s winter coat neared half of the day’s work. It’s frankly amazing how many hair he’s able to shed these days. I think he must be going bald. ~~~ Tomorrow Sunday. Still have many errands in regards to cleaning house. A visit to the recycling station must be paid. And my girls are back from their weekend. Small text-messages to my cellphone from V reports of her frustrations with her dear darling mother, apt on informing her of the proper ways of caring for children, coincidentally those of the exact age, height, weight and wisdom of our darling daughter. I can relate, but it’s her battle to endure, I’m afraid. Oh, got a call from the old man, taking time off from work in honor of the holidays he’s saved up. Myself up in a call to Sis, though not a very happy one: had her loan me some ten thousand crowns to pay for the real-estate tax. Will be able to repay her on the first of next month, but am still down about it. Financially it’s a troubled time still. ~~~ Ah, the darling girl… She doesn’t get any bigger, part of me thinks and wishes she’s stay at her eighty-two centimeters and ten kilos for good. Her mind is ever expanding, though. I’m amazed at the speed of which she takes it all in, and stores it for re-use. They say funny things, don’t they. Two years and her personality shines through, for sure. It’s a welcome observation on the part of yours truly: She’s very set in her ways and not one to stray from her focus when happily occupied. A fighter, that’s her. I love her, so dearly so. ~~~ Sunday. Am hoping for a quiet day.