Picked up V and the young one from the station. V went to her parents to pick up the girl, actually, as we’d put her up with them for the weekend. First time without us around for two days and she went in swinging and didn’t feel much like joining us again, actually. Which is great for two reasons, first and foremost as a sign of how she’s had a terrific time, secondly it challenges us to deliever her there again at regular intervals. V’s mum, by her own account, loves it, loves having her grandchild near. She should, she’s a darling girl these days. Also these days. The language continually develops, V counted a seventeen-word long sentence this other day. She’s so damn good at applying them, the words, to her emotions. Which is what I always waited for, well, there you go. ~~~ Arrived late on the communte. Why, because for the first weekend in ages I slept in until I did no longer care to lie in bed. One tires from resting – it’s true. I managed my bit of work, completing the title sequence for the film. Makes it yet another two minutes longer. But it’s good stuff: The title superimposed on a background of the moving and shifting spoken lines of callers to a radioshowhost, going over their wishes for their lives. Good stuff equals real stuff. Tunes in to the script in better ways than I might be able to phrase myself, and adds a realism to the story I won’t be without, now it’s there. I’m very thankful for their contributions, short and tall. And the radiostation in question, Radio SNR, now and forever remains my favorite en route to Copenhagen on the freeway, they were the best, simply the best. Now will print a DVD and ship out to three distributors and just sit back and wait for the best. And if it doesn’t come, the second-best. And after that, etc. Will limit my expectations in lue of last time’s SF-Film letdown, a bit of strain to the nerves there and then. Better this way. ~~~ For the obligatory weather-part, well, I was riding the bicycle home from the Fakta supermarket and recalled months earlier ways of thinking, ‘in time there will be summer, one can be outside without all this clothing’. And just wearing my sweather over my t-shirt had me soaked, not in rain, so I guess that time is now. In the little one’s absense had dinner and breakfast the following morning outside on our terrace. So there you go. ~~~ Car broke down again, pulled a spark plug from its pipe and found its cover to be hanging from a melted thread. Apparently the plug and the power-cord feeding it seperated in some bump or another, and the sparks had, this for about a week, jumped up into the plastic. Not so good – I’m not sure new plugs and fittings will do the trick, time will tell. Until then, the car’s grounded. I actually tried to start it up with only three cylinders crancking, but at the threat of the engine jumping up and out of the hood very quickly indeed turned it off. If it’s a dead car, so be it, we can do without. If not, well, so much the better. ~~~ One who’s gotten at the good side of his car, Michael Schumacher: has begun his winning streak of the season and I’m sure there. The technical fascination aside, it’s a wonderful sport for getting stuff done around the house. When I’m solo and it’s time for the premiere of a race, I crank the volume all the way up and am thus able to move into the kitchen, bedroom, etc., doing dishes, vacuuming, whatever, momentarily rushing out in front of the tv-set when the commentators seem excited about something and I know there’s a replay coming. It’s a nice way to relax for a couple of hours. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Anticipate the arrival of the plumber, installing a new gas-powered furnace in the basement. Hopefully – pressed him on it – ridding us of the old version. I hope he gets there on time: have emailed him to confirm our arrangement, but no answer. He seemed like a reliable guy, though. I’m hopeful the cost of the setup will be added to the price of this house of ours in time for the sell, whenever that might be. It surely frees room in the basement, I can’t believe the previous setup, what were they thinking. To have that large hallway with no use at all, that’s just ridiculous. This other way around you get three rooms down there, instead of two and the boiler-room. Anyways. Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.