The image above (webblog only) is meant to illustrate in better ways than a thousand words my decreasing frustration with the disorder of our abode. This is, for better or worse, the kind of house one inhabits who is not at home at decent hours to do housely chores, leaving them – for worse, for sure – to a spouse who’s quite adept at seeing through the turmoil as if it was the air we breathe itself. I do mean the ‘decreasing’ adjective, I’m past caring. The little one behaves like a fish in water within these surroundings, surely not putting a damper on herself on account of her folk’s meticulous house-cleaning. And this is good, isn’t it? I’d hate to bring up a child to think twice before sitting down in the couch of fear of adding a spot to it, or tip-toe around in fear of spotting the newly-washed floor. It also, the picture, serves as a reminder of a soul quite conformed to a new world of thinking. Not two years ago, yes, corresponding the age of our darling girl, I wouldn’t’ve allowed this, never. So ’tis for the better. Imagine being so uptight, I don’t know if I could’ve stood myself this date if I hadn’t undergone that change. Probably would’ve ended up one of those who takes to count everything, who can’t use the same soap more than once. ~~~ Managed to burn a DVD and have it distributed ’round different well-respected distribution companies. Will await their verdict, not eagerly. Actually took our bicycle with me on the morning communte, in order to make all the errands and arrive at work within a decent hour. Magnificient ride through the already sun-filled cityscape, Summer has well and done arrived. Won’t hesitate to do that again. Even went round to one company just up the street from my old stomping ground, Æbeløgade no. 46. Hasn’t changed a bit, the scene. I remember that time very fondly. Have several digital images lying around, should take to have some of them developed. For sure, none of them resembled the chaos inherent in the image displayed within this entry. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Common Prayer Day – will stay put and work on a staircase from the porch to the ground, so the little one won’t rush over the side of the porch and break something in the fall, she did threaten to as much this other day. I sometimes think she’s so careless whenever we’re around, of course it’s because we guard her like a well-kept secret and remain ever watchful and ready to pick her up if she seems adament on neglecting some basic Newtonian law. She tries her best to let us know she’s ready to care for herself, but I can’t say I trust her in this, given her curiosity and, worse, sheer speed of motion. So will mount a staircase and have some fun at that. Am ready now, DVD screener printed and shipped, to get to work on the sound for the film, have a lot of syncing up to do. Hope that’s in tomorrow, also. Friday. Am hoping for a quiet day.