May 24th, 2006

Wednesday. ~~~ Someone, Lars at work, Salesman if ever, suggested I ship the movie off to one of the nation-wide tabloids, in light of my poor results in getting it shipped anywhere else – national, recognized distributors alike. I thought it, at first, a rather disparate (desperate) alternative to ‘proper’ distribution, but then the marvel of the notion dawned on me. What a truly magnificient idea!! Note the two exclamation marks, I’m really that inspired. The thought of the entire country for an audience seems rather daring and exotic, to say the least, still – isn’t that the very foundation of a film such as this, an audience? I hadn’t considered this approach, but now it’s been put forth I’m very much in favor of if, given the future paltry outcome of never-to-be-arranged hopeful meetings with said distributors. If not exactly a financially sound and solid arrangement, were I to go through with it. And collaborating with a media, the tabloids, I loathe. But as the means to the end? Sure. Why the hell not. “The first nationally released (fuck the media, who cares as long as it gets out) film on a General Public Licence”? Screw money, “go ahead, copy it and pass it on, I don’t need the money, no, it’s true, I got a great kid, a great life…”. I could go with this. Won’t even lose sleep over it. Money, ah, yeah, well… Could do with it, sure. But I won’t lose sleep, as mentioned, and given the fact I still get up at a quarter to five in the morning to go to work, frankly wouldn’t I be better off with all the sleep I can get? ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. Am hoping for a quiet day.


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