Cleaning out the scattered bits and pieces of single-file journal-entries, journal-entry emails, random scribbled notes with dates on them. Put them all into a single file of text, combining entries from the beginning of 2000 to this date. Feels rather good to process it through a word-processing program and discover there’re some 581 pages of single-lined text. Should make a decent book by 2010, methinks. Well it looks good, anyways. I won’t concern myself with the quality of the writing. ~~~ From Dennis’ advice (his birthday today, by the way) condenced also the first seventeen minutes of the film into some three minutes. Should get things going faster! Which, of course, was his main complaint. Will put in a call to him, upon the completion of this entry. That’ll be near midnight, he won’t be one to care; would be upset if I called him towards noon, where’s he’ll be resting from his workday-closure at 7 a.m. I do anticipate his arrival here, Friday next. ~~~ Said our goodbyes and good lucks to the mutt, who left in the back of a car belonging to a rather nice elderly Jehovas Witnesses couple, anxious to tend another dog in despair of having lost their previous pet to old age. I won’t be missing him and the constant whining and following me around whereever I went. Though V had a tough time seeing him leave. Her claims of only feeling like a real family whenever he was around, of course the issue here. Part of me feels somewhat disturbed about that statement; daughter, husband, household, not enough? No family-feeling herein? Then I know of her melodramatic spells and read between the lines. I’m thankful of her efforts in getting rid of him; after all, there’s not denying I was the chief culprit in the decision to send him packing. My only defense rests in the firm belief (mine) he was not right for our family, not yet. Not right for me, that is, in as much as I need control of the immediate private space around me (physically speaking – half a yard at the least, at near all times), and this was not to be found with this dog around. Other factors to consider, I was never able to rustle around with the darling daughter on the floor because he’d get all excited and get in the game and ruin it, plus his whining woke her up in the evenings, plus we didn’t have the time to walk him properly, which is why he became a nervous wreck whenever one of us put on shoes and a coat: in the hope of getting out of the house for a walk he’d be jumping up and down, near damn derranged. I thought him too old, to accustomed to peace and quiet, that he’d ever fit in, and his shaking and moaning gave it away. I, in turn, was glad that we came to give him away. He’ll find a better life in quieter surrounding I’m sure. ~~~ Great commotion also in V’s girlfriendly surroundings. Anja – the girl she lived with when I first met her, and subsequently relocated to Copenhagen with (and I followed suit) – was left in the lurch by her boy”friend” Andreas, the effect of which are expanded (even for V) telephone calls. The daughter between them complicates things. The twins inside her near renders the matter hopelessly beyond repair. His abandening them should be seen in light of two things, one of which is a possible panic slash anxiety attack, the other his history of a drunk mother and violent step-dad. Oh, and throw in the mentally frail (deep, deep depression after four years of mothering twins herself) sister. I choose of course not to get involved, but within these pages I can utter my sympathy in his favor. I can’t say how I, given a history such as his, would respond to the news of suddenly being declared father of twins. Best of luck to them both, and their off-spring. V’s being a good girlfriend in this, bless her. ~~~ Quiet evening for a change (“dog gone”, sts.). Girlfriend doing exercices in preparation of her exam, may it soon be over. The house floods over with notes and books, piled high everywhere with seemingly no structure to all this information, on top of the heaps her despair/desperation. “Never again” is a credo we have come to share between us within the past weeks, though of course our point of views are a tad different in nature. Soon she’ll have passed, it’ll be over and she’ll be moving on in her life. I’ll welcome different topics of conversation, that’s for sure. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. With V gone, to Copenhagen to study for the exam with her studygroup I’ll have a day ahead of me in the young one’s company. Hoping for some sunny hours so we might move outside – for another welcome change, i.e. Am hoping for a quiet day.