Am two thirds through William Gibson’s ‘Pattern Recognition’. On loan from Thor. It’s a greatly crafted thing; can’t say it’s better than the ‘Neuromancer’ I read some ten years plus ago, that’s too far away from me, but it’s most definitely one of my more condensed readings. The style, superb. The subject, hard to say at this point. Something about anonymity. Will get back on that. One who’s proving anonymous is Thor himself. Got a call from him, actually, possibly mentioned it in another entry, surprise call out of nowhere on the Saturday of last weekend I spent in the basement with Dennis, cutting a quarter’s length out of the film. Surprise because I haven’t had him call me for, well, years. It was always the other way around. Not that he sounded particularly lonely or even pensive. So why do I worry so much about him? The likeability-factor at play, here (Gibson-sentence). If he’s still feeling up for it I’ll look forward to the twenty-forth, where we’re set to team up for an evening out. Hope he’s well. ~~~ Distress call from V halfways through today’s working schedule. Announcing her departure from our abode in favor of supporting a girlfriend in her relationship hard-times. Took them, apparently, on a significant road-trip through the idle, when at first said girlfriend had taken her leave from her work. It’s a rather distressing story of her boyfriend walking out on her – and their one-year old (or so) girl and the unborn twins, etc. Two people at irreconsilable odds with each other. Apparently, for all I gather, a matter of throwing unforgettable words at each other. Has me appreciating, for one things, my ability to shut up and walk out when faced with a heated situation. An argument, i.e. Right into the moment it always seems the sensible thing to do, leave before the situation progresses to a point of no return. And, well, admittedly, it’s really the only way I know of. So there. ~~~ Work keeps me busy – very. The new aide is still so untrained to be of much help. So tomorrow Saturday will put in a full working day, to the benefit of the deadlines and my personal overtime savings as well. ~~~ Hot as hell. Better than the winter (God, that winter). What, the weather again? Get a fucking grip. Get on with your life. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.