Hard to keep track of the days. Am working overtime to cover the work schedule. Feel more than ever that independant streak in me says I should take that piece of scanner hardware back with me, go west. Maybe I will. With the little one with V’s folks I got back to a quiet house, used that time to take out a sizeable chunk of Steven Bach’s “Final Cut”, about the biggest fiasco (counting only up to 1991) in Hollywood, the Michael Chimino-headed “Heaven’s Gate”. Have never seen it, don’t even know if it’s in release (as I have yet to finish the book, i.e.). But it’s a good read. Somewhat altogether more topical than I would’ve expected, what with a film in turnaround myself. Harrowing account, really. Then V’s folks called and urged us to pick her up, the kid, because she was balling her head off and couldn’t be comforted. So we drove out and retrieved her. Probably a stomach-cold, like last time. Didn’t instill V much faith in her mother’s child-caring abilities, fretting over so little. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Am hoping for a quiet day.