Worked overtime for a spell. Have managed to accumulate some twentyfour hours of it, will lobby towards payment in cash as opposed to time off. Emptied out my mail (physical) intray, last thing out of it was a envelope marked ‘confidential’ with a notification of my yearly ten thousand crowns bonus. Will be down to five after the IRS have gotten away with theirs, but it’s a welcome addition to my account just the same. ~~~ Got back and worked on fixing the kitchen faucet, then a break in V’s dancing around with the young one meant a break in the joy for both, as she’d, the little one, apparently dislocated her left elbow joint somewhere in the proccess. Lots and lots of tears, most from the dear girlfriend, then – her insistance, actually, I wanted to wait it out – off to Ringsted to see the resident medic there, awfully kind fellow, redirected us to Slagelse, thankfully just a quarter of an hour down the freeway. Where we met an equally awfully kind medicine girl, orthopaedic expertise in a slight frame, reset the girl’s elbow amidst heavy protests, naturally, but within two minutes (literally) she was drinking from a cup held by both hands, even to us declaring her “I’m feeling much better now” [thank you very much]. Great relief to V, who had her mind set on the dreadful process of xray-photography et al. if the first procedure didn’t work. Well it did, and the World’s a better place. Put a scare in her, though, she’ll be more careful around the kid the next weeks over. Understandably so. But she was right in gettings us in the car, though, as mentioned I had wanted to wait for an hour or so. Based on the fact that the darling girl didn’t cry as much as she used to when something was/is wrong, then apparently for what I gather from this incident she’s toughened up quite some way, too. Confirmed my faith in our healthcare system, they really were tremendously kind and helpful. In brief, we got away with this one. Good thing, too, I couldn’t coped with V if she’d inadvertently put the young one in a cast. ~~~ Tomorrow cometh the weekend. Should be the start of a holiday for me, actually, but I’ll be back at work briefly Monday morning just the same. Though later in that day – more important – present the film in its present state to another distributor. The responses are ticking in, thankfully, though – less thankfully so – they have been in the negative so far. So the notion of a nationwide distribution through one of our tabloids linger still. Saturday comes first, though. Will install that faucet, fix the toilet-seat in the upstairs toilet and, well… Sleep. Am entitled to, methinks. At length, even. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Am hoping ofr a quiet day.