Should bring up, for future recollection, a very positive and soul-fulfilling meeting I had with Mr. Michael Berg at UIP – United International Pictures – head of DK branch. Unsuccesful in as much as no distribution deal came of it, succesful in as much as they took very kindly to it, and yours truly. Sat with them for near half an hour, listening to some of the most constructive feedback on the film as of yet. As well as a load of very kind words about the quality of it, words that have me now straightening my back and keeping up my chin. If this is the way the professional end of the business responds, well then perhaps there’s still, after all, something here that works, works the way I had hoped it would, works the way the test-screenings have spoken their results of. From hence I foresee I’ll feel more at ease in promoting it; and besides the kindness and confidence they instilled in me came the odd ‘try this guy’-contact I’ll follow up on, naturally. As I take it for granted, i.e., they wouldn’t have donated the name and number if they had a sense it would reflect poorly on their professional judgment of me, or the film. Merited everything about the production, did they, in one swoop. I’m very grateful, more than would seem. I do now, at least, know that what’s come down that camera was not an utter load of crap, that it might truly benefit those others who might come into contact with it. I had found that hope before this meeting, but now that the prof. end has confirmed it, I’m so more at ease in even seeking alternative forms of distributions. A life-enhancing experience. One can nurse a project such as this for such and such a long period of time, by the end of it be so completely absorbed by it there’s no telling if this scene or this works or not, as one has seen it hundreds of times and can no longer make a wholehearted judgment about it. In this regard the confirmation of others, trained eyes evaluating the material for the very first time, becomes indespensible, and that’s what I experienced at that meeting, and I’m by far measure a better salesman because of it, that’s for certain. I came away with a much better indication of where I stand in this, one sign I’ve been without for so long I now wonder how I could’ve gone so on without it. ~~~ Visiting the folks up North. Given her enhanced conscience and lingustic abilities, she easily charms her way, the little one, on to them. They want to be charmed, too. Has been a much easier visit than the others, up here. She roams much freer, now, is ever more capable of entertaining herself. And V’s getting better at taking her, and not leaving too much up to yours truly, which I think she’s gotten too much away with, prior. It’s a good visit. Tomorrow Thursday will be on our way again. ~~~ Visited Dennis in the evening, in his native Harridslev. By use of the old man’s new car, barely even five hundred kilometers to it. Had a nice time doing so. Saw some clips of his film. He, of course, very knowledgeable about mine. And so we talked and joked and saw a film and all that. Was good, a good time. And we both made as if we were the real McCoy and talked about making it happen, as if it already had happened, as a matter of flirting with fact. And it’s, of course, a wealth of b.s. But then again I’m quite confident the hard work we’re willing to take on, the risks we have and will assume, won’t do us great damage, either. So we walk the walk, too, but if there’s enough style in there to merit a dance with the big ones, that’s left unsaid at this point. I didn’t tell him about the meeting, abovementioned. For my own sake, not his; won’t put my nose in the clouds. Not now, not ever, assume what’s not. It was damn good to see him again. He hangs on, despite the heat. Compadre. Hope he’ll visit with us soon. ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. This week-long holiday of mine whizzes past, dammit. To bed now. Am hoping for a quiet day.