Special day. Got off from the 18 hour shift (more on it later) and slept like on concrete in the train. Then this letter in the mail informs me I somehow owe the Swedish govermnent some twenty-thousand. Their currency, doesn’t really bring me joy it’s the faggot soft currency. As I can’t think of any reason why I should owe someone money, I guess I’ll write them and ask what’s their fucking favorite illegal substance they’re abusing these days. God, two years – TWO YEARS capitals intended – after I officially renounced my membership, Jesus too. Never mind the bollocks, if truly I owe someone money I’ll of course pay up but it didn’t bring out a smile on my face ‘s for sure. ~~~ The 18 hour shift thing? Well, there’s really that much work to go ’round. Too much work at work. So am running overtime like a crazy motherfucker now that V and the little one’s gone, at Funen, anyways, why not. Going for a payment, this time around, not that time-off shit. Pretty useless as there’s no time to spare, anyways. Fuck it. I swear a lot, don’t I? Dropped by the Magasin department store and shot loads of pictures with my camera-phone, to use as inspiration for the upcoming romantic comedy thingy. Came away with some nice things, it’s a different approach which I like, this, location hunting for the sake of inspiration and not on a killer deadline, as was the case last summer. Speaking of filming; the negative responses keep coming in, but they’re too kind in the tone as to truly bring me down. I have a great desire to focus on the time ahead, so will seek closure on the part of that production as soon as I can. ~~~ Sis dropped by with breakfast, sweet, sweet, dear thing. Haven’t hugged her for ages, loved the chance, loved the talk. She switched jobs, back to her old employer at Man’s who came up with a better deal, simple as that. Loyalty with her was always with herself. Good thing, too, she’s seen enough shit as anyone and deserve all the good things she can provide herself with. Great to see her again. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. Prepped enough ‘work-at-home’ work so, for now, will go and have a shave, have a bath, have a film. And sleep. Until tomorrow comes. ~~~ Wednesday’s up. Am hoping for a quiet day.