Holiday came and went. Went alright. Hard work, actually. Well it’s not just sitting around and relaxing, what with some striving for action and others in need of entertainment. Was called back to work on some scanning malfunction they couldn’t handle. Which proved the best part of the holiday, actually, the most relaxing thing. Rode a night-train to the capital, business class and I’d managed to download that latest Formula One Grand Prix I hadn’t seen yet, great race and a great time. And I got on a plane back, to Aalborg, too, which was kinda cool, also. Long time since, today it’s just like going on a bus. 45 minutes cross country. I’d forgotten the kind of kick, when taking off, being pulled back in your seat. Nice. Oh, well, shouldn’t forget the time out with Dennis, was awarded an evening of my own interest. Good to see him again. Drove the old man’s car back and forth at 180 km/h (even 200 at one place), terribly irresponsible of me. Spent the night at… home. Sort of. Good to see them again, damn good. Both. Next weekend will be up there again, with the kid – as V’s doing her annual Actor’s Studio thing, she enjoys so much. ~~~ The failure-feeling, well, it’s still there but diminishing. Had thought my holiday visit with Kurt the Dentist would be the all-time low, but shy from my credit card refusing to cough up his fee I might’ve stumbled on an emotional turned page to a new chapter. Or, at least, a less rough time ahead. Zero holes, just a helluva lot of scaling. I can live with that. ~~~ So, here we are. Where to go, what to do… Ideas keep popping in. And I cleared the basement of crap. Rain, rain, nothing but rain, still it keeps dry. I could isolate myself down there for a spell. Put the old company scanner down there, too. Contemplate going back to the folks’ some weekend, develop some software to run off of it. Put an add in, wait by the phone. Hopefully not while my life passes me by. She desperately wants a new baby to hold, I’m nowhere near a decision yet. I can’t be there for two as I have been for one, that’s for sure. I spend too much time with her, my darling girl, but I’m contaminated, I can’t help it, my old man stayed away too long from his son to allow me to stay away from her, bad conscience and mental blokade kicks in. There’s another screenplay coming. Going over too many ideas, at the same time. But I can’t much help it, can I. Answer awaits in the missing question mark. ~~~ Heard Sis cut her hair. Want to go and see how she looks. Long, long conversation on the phone whilst holiday upstate, she was kind enough to call my sorry alcholically influenced being up on her IP-telephony, cheap as hell. Cheap enough to allow for an hour’s worth of great talking. Stumbled into some strange holiday house, completely abandoned yet open for business, sts. Love her dearly. ~~~ Though day on the muscles. Everything just keeps on growing and growing in this garden, must be cleared away. So there. The lawn, damn five inches high grass. Two turns on the mower and still… Will sleep soundly tonight for sure. ~~~ Should listen to more music. ~~~ Enough weirdness in one entry, I know. So will end it here. Sunday, tomorrow. Then heading back to work. Have missed it some. Regular activity. Regular people. Regular. I wanna drown myself in regular, right this time of life. Sunday. Sunny day. Look up. Keep head high. Am hoping for a quiet day.