Happy Birthday yours truly; 32 on the 8th. Or is it 31? I’m a mess around my own birthdays. Drove up North to visit with mum and dad for the weekend, with V in Copenhagen doing her annual theater course. Which didn’t amount to what she had expectations towards, sadly. Though the visit was nice, must say. Hard work for yours truly, never many breaks involved. But she slept well and the folks lavished her with adoration, mum especially has very high thoughts for her. Though really dad can’t help himself, either. It’s nice to have a cup of coffee and watch him read to her, and see her rushing off for more books when they’ve read the first. Paid for the trip, did they, too, which was nice. And he offered good advice and a rubber sling to hold on to the 5th gear of an unreliable gearbox of an, though understandably so, unreliable automobile. It’s a bizarre sight, but if it’ll prevent the damn thing from jumping out of the gear whilst I’m doing 120 km/h, fine by me. It’s always nice to have him bring out some piece of junk and apply it in the real world where before all hope was lost to said piece; ’tis the reason he gathers the stuff I’m sure. ~~~ Did some work on the ‘New England’ story, which was nice to get cracking with. Haven’t paid my respect in a long time, in this regard. A recent meeting with Mads got me going at it again, did I mention this? A 3-pint outing last Wednesday evening, when the young one was in the care of dear mum-in-law. Revisited with the Old English pub and quickly got used to the volume. Friedly atmosphere, friendly friend, I enjoyed the meeting a helluvalot and got a bit smashed, as did he by his own account, from not having had anything to eat since lunch. Talked about ideas for films, this and that, and will try and work on some dream together, there’s time for that, too, in this life, isn’t there. I have come to regard him as a friend, a struggling friend in struggling times, and for that I’m very grateful indeed. Us struggling folks need stick together. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.