Spent the Saturday looking after the little one, as V was out of town on some bachelorette-evening. Served her right to get out of the house and get to talk with some of her girlfriends, though right here at home I found it to be an infinitely boring job. Playing role-playing games doesn’t really get me there, and it’s quite exhausting, I find. Pretending to be someone you’re not hasn’t previously posted a problem, but standing in for a teddybear with a limited vocabulary and corresponding IQ, well, let’s just say I’m happy to do it for max five minutes a day. The wedding is coming up, will spend, though invited, here, at home, with my daughter (not invited). So should brush up on those teddy-bear antics. ~~~ Struck a deal towards the distribution of the film. Has yet to sign, so won’t pop the champagne. If that’s what I choose to do, at all; it’s a low-budget deal, for a low-budget film. So there. Still it’s too early to speak of dollars and cents, but to hell with it, if all goes to plan, within a quarter of a year there will be a printed DVD to fill the shelves of my DVD-cabinet. So now will get to work on a cover of some sorts. Or, rather, put Dennis to work, for the thousand crowns I lend him but which he quickly forgot about. My feelings towards it all are mixed, though on the positive side. Having not secured a cinema-deal, it’s the best I could do, methinks. Will get up there and meet with them (they’re in Aalborg), soon enough. ~~~ Hard at work clearing all out. To-do chores, the basement, programming, everything’s needed. The website for the scanning-business is near up and running. And downstairs’s a mess, am still tearing down everything within reach down there, below. All for a better good, I’m hopeful. And Michael Schumacher qualified tenth, due to an engine failure, in his farewell grand prix out of Sao Paolo. So his chances of recovering the World Championship are as slim as ever, despite his succesful campaign near the end of the season. Never mind. His stats – seven Championships – will last forever. Bought a second-hand gaming wheel and am set to repeat his endeavors in the safety of my own PC. Relaxed about life, well, not exactly but I’m getting there, though. Have even managed, I think, to arrive at a conclusion on second-time parenting. Have decided to go for it. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.