Damn cold morning, riding the bicycle to the station – leaving the key behind, so as to allow mum-in-law-dearest to take to it when in time she’d emerge to take the little one to their weekly gymnastics-event. From listening to V’s bickering with her on the phone (and after the call has ended), I gather they both follow the same menstrual cycle. V herself has been antsy at late. Nothing serious, just a snippet has me wondering about the darkness setting in, the effect of the dark and cold on those not favored by a very big and bright VU-lamp in their midst. Should we get one? Nah. I seem to be as cheerful as ever, though. Of course due to the distribution-deal fact. Well, fact vs. fact, I have but their written email confirmation “it’s gonna happen”, not an actual signature on an actual contract, so I won’t delve into the ultra-cheerful mood. Plus a great abundance of things may go wrong from here to there. Do I have a decent enough backup of my stuff? Those kind of concerns flying to and fro. I gather I have the master tapes and enough distributed copies of the material as to allow for a remake if all hell breaks loose, but that’s not something I should care to go through, so will take steps to secure the material ‘as is’ and, oh, have begun the adaptation of bonus-materials to go with the printed DVD. All those experiences gathered, now is surely the time to not let them go to waste. ~~~ As cold when I got back from the working day as when I left. This on account of being back at a late hour, accomodated by said weekly gymnastics-event: Did a full working day times two, wherefore I may retire with the upcoming Friday at my utter disposal. Fits nicely with the expiration date of my train-commuter pass, so I’ll save three days’ fare over the weekend, not needing to reinstall it until the following monday – though this may be compromised by Dennis’ plan to visit with Copenhagen whilst near our capital, ‘holidaying’ here in Soroe with Mads come Friday and Saturday, most likely the Sunday as well. Have doubts about that, though, can’t see myself going out so soon after being out with Thor this weekend past (great pass, truly, great talking to him again, found him in a magnificient mood), don’t know if it’s in me. Let’s see how it fares. Tomorrow Thursday, given the above will prove last working day of the week. Hope the cold stays a bit behind, am not quite ready for it yet. Am hoping for a quiet day.