Such a grey, rainy day. Worked from home and was forced to put on Billy Joel. Came an email from someone at the Sandrew-Metronome distribution company, resigning to the question of them hosting a straight-to-DVD distribution in regards to the film. I’d neglected to inform them of my other hopes in this regard (no contract in the regular mail just yet), solely out of spite: they’d taken two months entire to get back to me, not even exclusively as a direct result of their throwing away my second dvd-screener sent to them. Never matter. All’s resolved in time. I cannot withhold the notion of ‘low budget movie, low budget distribution’ in regards to the hopefully upcoming deal, signed and sealed. In hindsight I’ll express my reservations about this film, how I allowed too many to alter too much about the project. But thankfully that time – for hindsight – is not here just yet. Get back to me after xmas, we’ll talk. Someone I hadn’t thought of would talk to me was Tatiana, who called to learn how the dam was holding up. Hadn’t heard from her in ages, darling girl. Now there’s a sight for a rainy day; and I was even on the phone with her. She claimed, once, to be a backmarker in the family-flock, well, I’d say she may have lucked out, they possibly saved their best ’till last. ~~~ Took the two kittens to the Slagelse home for lost kittens, lacking the proper proverb. And must say I felt damn good about it: Having brought them in from the cold (discovered them in our hedge, a months ago), fed them well, vaccined (?) them, made them fond of people (as opposed to the hizzing beasts of their past), they’ll be adopted in no time I’m sure. If I hadn’t been there with Kirstine in the garden at that time of year and of day, they would’ve been picked up by the hawk, or fox. As of now they stand a great chance of finding their kind of happiness in life. She is right, V, there’s no way we could’ve kept them. Not with one curious kid on the loose, one overweight cat in the house already (the father, for sure), another kid on the way… Forget about it. So off they went, with my blessings, and the basement office is my domain once more. Vacuumed the place, wonder how the reak of cat-pee will vanish. Hopefully there’s a way. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Up early, off to work. So to bed, now, for me. Am hoping for a quiet day.