Going for a job-interview with Nordisk Film, in Valby. Harboring zero illusions about the gig, naturally on account of already possessing a great job. Will be good to go and find out what they’re about, an more so in light of not being in desperate need of it, which will of course always shine out. Donning a new winter jacket, pre-Christmas Eve gift from the girlfriend, fits me like a glove and apparently showcases my ass, which from her I gather should be counted amongst my assets. ~~~ Having Dennis around but for a single day was great fun, even for the young one who always acts up her best storm whenever he’s here. Came to us from a visit with Lars the sound-guy in Copenhagen, who for all his few talents in sound features a nasty temper which even got to Dennis the pacifist in the end. I know how he feels, recalling those weekends with Lars and Emil, trying (and failing) to sort out the sound of the film. Anyways, he was on the train this Friday morning, but will see him again, Dennis, soon enough, perhaps as soon as the 26th when we’re in Jutland. ~~~ A call to mum and dad resulted in some ten thousand kroner into my checking account, generously so. Christmas-spirit, I’ll say. I thought it nice, since I weren’t anywhere near ready for the upcoming January’s bills, didn’t spill that fact so they can’t have been aware hereof. Just one of those generous acts of the last few years. Mum on the phone, this time, haven’t spoken to her in some months on account of her, at that time, constant barrage(?) of my feelings in her sentiments about our upbringing and her loathe of being a mother; but found her in a good mood and it was good to talk to her again. Like that, i.e. Am looking forward to going up there. Won’t have the grand time to talk, seeings friends and – more importantly – working on the DVD for the film’s release. But it will be good to just be around them again. In the new year am going up there more often than this. ~~~ Strange days at work. Am on the receiving end of bizarre requests to patch things up for colleagues cronically away. Do the best with what I’ve got, but this, though the effort is appreciated, always turns out a game of ‘this and this and this’ needs to be changed, beyond due deliberation of my efforts. It’s not that soul-fulfilling, is my singular complaint. But never mind that bollocks; today’s the last day before the big Christmas break, I won’t in contemplation of work in the afternoon. Comes a Christmas – jolly ho. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.