Boss Karsten at work seems upset these days. Dealing with all sorts of manner ever related to his decision to take over a department formerly with the ministry of Education, he’s not the happy camper. And I’m taking the Friday off to go and do a second interview with Nordisk Film of Valby, which I’m sure not telling him. It’s a bit of a frustrating time at work, I add. The structure of things seems loose, I’m uneasy about my priorities. But I guess I’ll figure it out, job-interview or not. ~~~ Still working on the DVD, is coming along. Ole lend me his sound-card again, so I’m speaking my part into it and hope the blind people, for which the DVD is optimized, will appreciate the effort. Should take me another week or so to finish the thing, a few days to polish it up and then will do entirely different things for a long, long, long beat. ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. Am hoping for a quiet day.