Tomorrow being exam-day, am having my go at the MS 70-547 to become MCPD. Sounds like a medical board review to become surgeon, for lack of knowing better. Made the appointment a bit earlier than I probably should, am likely stretching it a bit… But I wish to have this over and done with, damn it, so I can move on. Hope that that which I have studied up on will suffice. Am not fretting; I’m not, this time around, paying for the attempt. Though I doubt Karsten would regard a second attempt with much delight, so if I should miss out I suppose I’ll front the next try myself. Let’s see how it goes. V picks up Kirstine and a friend of her’s from kindergarten, Emma, delightful kid as far as I can tell. Apparently her mother is days from giving birth a second time around, I do hope this won’t get too much to V. Ah, what the hell, if it does, it does. Nothing I can do. Have done my share, in as much as having recognized her desire to have another kid and admitted to myself I wouldn’t be freaked out if it should come to that, as well as, ahem, ‘delievering the goods’ upon being given notice of the proper timing to that kind of merry event. Foregoing that, it’s great the girl takes to having girlfriends over, will continue to encourage her in that. For that’s the way it’s meant to be. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.