The winds are blowing across the town and country, suddenly stepped up to a hurrican force which has me concerned about V and the kid, who have just departed for a visit with her girlfriend, Karen, Karin, something. Which makes me happy for a) her seeing someone and not sulkingly declaring she never sees anyone at all, and b) the social aspect of the kid getting out and being with other. I was presented with the fact, at yesterevenings dinner table, that I play too succesfully with the young one, meaning I’m too much fun to be with because I allow her to control the direction of the game. Which I’m guessing is quite right. She nears three years and still hasn’t dropped the pacifier, still wears the dipers, still shows lesser skills in being able to play with others, and I felt, at the time of the just accusation, a sting of guilt of encouraging the latter. I do move away from the main group at parties, and I do take her with me, do I not. Well naturally it’s no way to learn how to abide to the needs of others, before the needs of one self; V’s teriffically right. So I’ll put my foot down somewhere from here and beyond, and be more in control, guide the games in a different direction than she’d like to have it, the darling girl, and hopefully present this world as one of multiple viewpoints to which one needs to adhere, as opposed to the singular one of an egocentric mind. Now it’s raining, too, I hope that old piece of junk we label ‘car’ holds on to itself throughout their ride, I’d hate to have the phone call in an hour with bad news of them getting stuck somewhere. ~~~ Was turned down by the Nordic Film Company in regards to the job I applied for with them. Was displeased about it for one evening solo, now am totally at ease about it. Had I been without a regular job I would’ve been distraught, but for now it’s as if nothing’s changed at all. Should probably look around for other jobs. The IT-sector is so meagerly crowded these days there’s room for a higher salary and greater challenges, which is what I’ll go for. But am taking it easy about alla that, still stitching up chores left behind ages ago. Might even have been a Godly intervention; “you’re not ready for a job-shift yet, you’ve got enough to do as is!”. I am, in brief and in slang, cool with it. ~~~ Am back to reading, actually did a lengthy entry about the volume in question these days, ‘Dreamcatcher’ by Margaret Salinger, yet I fucked up and closed the word processing program before having saved the document. So won’t do the great review here, rather wait until the end of the book. But it’s a good one, about a severely distraught childhood as result of parents uninterested – indeed possible unable – to guide or protect. I recognize the elements of an aloof father and mother, most certainly also the feeling of loneliness(!). It’s a very honest book so far, four hundred pages in, a great read and I can hardly wait to finish it, and I do mean that in a good sense. ~~~ DVD almost done. Completed the graphics to go with my spill of ‘how to write a film manuscript’. Cock and bull, as if I’m sort of a Danish Syd Field-character. I guess I mean it well. I could alter my voice, there’s a plug-in for that somewhere. But maybe I should just leave it be and get the DVD out there to the distributor, for their approval. I still hope the blind people, for whom I optimized the product, will appreciate. If not the movie, at least teh effort. ~~~ Back to reading. Tomrrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.