Am sick as a dog but there’s nowhere to run from it. It’s in my ears, my head, my nose, my lungs. There’s no escape. And young one suffers, too, and now V’s apparently taken hold of it, too. Isn’t it phatetic. Small solace in the fact that Martin, of Århus, and Thor, have gotten it, too. Misery loves company. Have been down for over a week, shouldn’t have gone to work today but… But, but, but. Tomorrow am staying at home, for sure. Look out a what will hopefully not be snow, which came down today. But I’m afraid the chance is great. It’s good, though, to have some kind of winter. The rate we were going I was beginning to be seriously worried about the effect of the global warming. The cold – minus ten this evening – restored some confidence. So we’re back to having eradicated ourselves in fifty years, not twenty. ~~~ The distribution company lets me know they want the master by the 29th, puts the pressure on me but I hope I can deliever. Had hardware troubles but the last piece of visual effect stuck, so tomorrow will check the ‘for-the-blind’ audio and author it, test it, send it off. Part of me kinda feels like the sickness is brought about by having to let the material go. It’s rubbish, of course, but there’s an odd – in this case painful, also – timing to it. Don’t really know what I’ll do with myself when it’s gone, out of my hands. Haven’t ever stopped to ponder the notion. Do have, in my mind, an image of what it will be like to receive the box of DVD’s. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. I don’t wanna be sick anymore. I just need a decent guiliotine, I’ll be alright. Anyone? Writing this on the commute, the quiet-compartment, farting like a crazy motherfucker. Truly, as if I had been consuming caggage the entire day. The rows are filled up but all seats around yours truly are empty. Yea, well, my nose is clogged, what do I care. Am hoping for a quiet day.