With V’s mother’s arrival Friday I found the time to near conclude work on the basement guest room, much to my enjoyment. With V still feeling, however slightly, the physical and mental effects of her sixth week abortion, there was otherwise little to do but care and babysit. The trip to Slagelse, Tuesday of last week, where the abortion was declared, was, need I say, not pleasent. I am led to believe a great number of pregnancies terminate in this fashion, indeed some unfortunate suffer two or three before a succesful pregnancy. By this Sunday she seems to be doing okay, and I take my hat off. She may be stronger, mentally, than I thought. Also heeding my advice and putting her girlfriends to use does her wonders. She was always about getting things out into the open, wasn’t she. Now she’s even only halfway joking about trying again in a few days’ time. She really wants a baby bad, doesn’t she. ~~~ Spent all available hours in the basement, rearranging. Established the guest room, means moved the stuff back in after having put the carpet on and done the panels. Won’t bother to paint them, they look alright as are, even with the white acryllic binding with which I glued the crevices. Damn nice outcome, if I may. So, yeah, good to have some kind of order down there, brings ease of mind to yours truly. Simple living, sure as shit; have loads and loads of rubbish need be done away with. Won’t go into the details, merely state my satisfaction at being able to overlook the scene now. Imported a plant, even, care of the local Netto supermarket. Won’t be the last. When was the last time I owned a plant? 2001, I think. The rainforest truly isn’t lost on my account. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.