Received thirty copies of the printed DVD of the film in the mail. Fed the DVD player with a copy; looks and feels exactly like the one I sent them. So they did a decent job, though not catching a fucking typo on the back of the thing. Fuck it, I hear spelling mistakes are trendy. That’s what I get for being the sole content provider, I guess. Can only hope for a second print. Doing my best to accomodate: Sent it to some papers, and applied for a spot on the morning show of a national broadcast channel (TV2). Never hurt to ask (unless you’re trying to get a film distributed, that is). Have not been as emotional as I thought I would be, in fact, not at all, about receiving the printed copies. I guess I was done with that a while ago. Now I’m going about being faithful about the distribution process, promoting the film in a few places. As well as being upset about that damn typo… Sent one copy to the Danish Blind People’s Association, care of the best damn blind- and visually impaired film ever distributed in this country. Hope they’ll like it. ~~~ Twenty minute conversation with dad in the evening, how long has it been since we spoke that long. Will be up there next weekend, of which I’m looking a helluva lot forward. Has been some time. Mum made him put new softer tyres on the Kia because she was breaking her back riding in it, she claimed. I’m sure that decision caused him some grief, but I guess he’s used to it – smiley goes here. Already next Wednesday will be seing more of my immediate family, to my immediate joy, teaming up with Sis and Thomas for dinner in Copenhagen, look equally forward to that. ~~~ A grand weekend, really. The sun came out, I guess that speaks volumes. Clear sky hasn’t been with us for ages and a suddenly prolonged winter. Tended to the garden, with the aide of the youngster. Well, aide… She moves to and fro, examining. We cut down the old xmas-tree, mum’s advice to scatter the branches along the places you don’t desire weeds and the like, as acid from the needles prevents their growth in those spots. I’m positive she was an Indian in a previous life. Things are looking alright. V was very, ‘excited’ (carefully chosen words in light of the desire of familiar ‘others’ to study this journal at an older age than now), this weekend, pressing and stressing yours truly to perform to the verge of a heart-attack. So she’s getting better all the time, I gather. I just want to make her happy, I go along with anything in her ways, these days. Hope she doesn’t find out I threw away some of her old experimental paintings, though. But they’ve been lingere in the box in the basement for three years without her having even looked at them, so I thought to myself, ‘do I really want to regard the possibility of a face made out of white plaster, done over with red paint added a variety of teas and spices, leaping out of its frame towards me, hanging on my livingroom wall?’. Experimental for sure. But those were the days, and the basement I reclaim. ‘Simple living’ down there has done me very well, I’m more at ease, mentally speaking. No comparison, none at all, of three weeks ago when all was still a mess. Bo, colleague from work, spent the night this late Wednesday, en route to Copenhagen and another working day at the H.Q. and not the Aarhus department, where he resides. And as he hadn’t any complaints about the new guest room I thought it fit to be satisfied myself. I hope he was honest, for he travels second weekly to the capital and I’d love to have him, V too. Kirstine took to him at once, too, hardly a second thought about it. Perhaps kids can tell this, that he’s got two kids of his own (albeit divorced). He’s a highly agreeable fellow, and I’d love to see more of him. And this not exclusively on account of desiring the use of his homely house in Aarhus, which we borrowed for our first holiday as a family, must’ve been the Summer of 2004. ~~~ To bed, now. Busy day tomorrow: Beyond work will meet up with Rasmus, for the first time in ages on end. Presenting him with a copy of the film, at his request. If after taking it in he’d still like to be around me I’ll make a habit out of getting in touch with him more often than has been the case (on account of, correct guess, working on completing the damn thing). Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.