By my accounts the first quarter of the year is almost beyond me, us. Where the hell did it go?! I can’t believe it, how fast everything goes. Seems like only yesterday ’twas winter and Christmas-time. If someone had walked up to me in the street today and told me that was three months ago, I would’ve thought them insane; it was just here, tonight, the notion struck me. ~~~ Sent Grandma that letter I promised mum and dad I would distribute. Had tried to write something deep and meaningful about my memories about granddad, passed away some fortnight ago. But it turns out I have little or even no memories to pass along. I recall him as some kind of benign character whose path I briefly crossed at family gatherings and a few odd calls. But that’s about it. Seeming how grandma and granddad on dad’s side of the family tree lived just a few miles from us, we were always transferred in their care when we were kids, sis and I. Never the much father away Viborg. I opted to write about my own place in the sun these days, but the words fell awfully flat in light of her loss. I hope, as I wrote, that she’ll soon find a routine about life which suits her. ~~~ The distributor claims two thousand copies sold, but many if not most of those were apparently bought along with rights to return unsold copies, so it won’t be until a long while before we really discover how many were actually turned over to caring customers. A few reviews in the two nation-wide tabloids deem my ‘career’ (insert laughing smiley here at will) dead (by suicide) before it even got off to a start. Which, I remind myself, is the way of the right to speak one’s mind in public. I have not felt compelled to retort nor loose sleep, rather rest peacefully in lue of aforementioned claim of the distributor. It’s a decent enough start, and I’m happy enough about it. Martin of Aarhus wrote an online message to me, turning my attention to the fact that the movie is now available on the bittorrent peer-to-peer file sharing network. Is that a feat in itself, I wonder? I tuned into the internet address he sent me, to discover some of the comments in regards to the download of the movie: found some of the punters complaining about the bad stereo-sound of the movie as ripped from the DVD. When the truth is that there were too few funds to cover the cost of a surround-sound mix!! Insert laughing smiley here, too. No, in all honesty I’m very happy about this first week of business. Exceeds my expectations by far. I only hope mum and dad have not, at this point, a few hundred copies stored away in the attic. ~~~ Brief call with sis in the evening. One of her colleagues, poor chap, was informed of a very agressive stomach- and intestine-cancer betraying his body. Forty-three years of age. No kind of age at all. God be with him. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. Will work towards getting some working hours in the bank, so I might take the Friday off; V’s mum’s birthday, arranged here, in Soroe. Am hoping for a quiet day.