Visited with Thor Thursday, afternoon ’till Friday morning. By which time I had accumulated enough hours as to take that day off. This by working until two o’clock, although my conscience bad me be online at work for two hours, as working in Thor’s apartment got somewhat distracted by our regular chessgames and the TV blaring in the background. Offers him, in turn, focus on his studies on new technologies, good for him. I myself was never able to read anything with whatever turned on in the back. He stands a good chance of brokering his services to Erichson, next outing of his new independent ways, as consultant for hire. I hope the best for him, in this regard. If he’s available for a visit next Thursday also, I’ll definitely go. That would be V’s Friday off from work as well. ~~~ Rode with Sis and Thomas to Sweden, a great way to save money and get close to ones family. Conversation is always light, funny, caring, of all good things. ~~~ Travelling on the train to Copenhagen from Malmo, a somewhat familiar feeling and then again not. We got out of there awfully fast, didn’t we. I walked around for a beat before getting hold of Thor, and must admit to a certain miss. It’s a different kind of lice, pace, surroundings, I enjoyed my beat there and would not sign on the line I won’t be found there again, which I suppose is a quality stamp as far as Malmoe goes. I do not blame her for standing her ground on the decision, I love Soroe as much as I did Malmoe. Though I do wonder if she would make the same call again, given her experience in the World now, past childbirth and bereavement and all of the other, in comparison, minor stuff. I am thinking ‘probably not’, perhaps inhere not giving her enough credit? I really do not think she would ever be able to live in a different World for longer than half a year, max; she’s not that eager to adapt to change. Am not chasting her for it: it’s a valid state of mind, many others feel and act the same way. I’ll even agree to promoting myself on her behalf, if she were here reading this she’d tell me, rightfully, to rub harder on that halo above. She’s a highly defined character, isn’t? With a great knowledge of her personal boundaries, where to go and what to not pick up. Anyways, I miss Malmoe some. And I enjoy the hell out of these visits, so they will continue. ~~~ What else, what else. Jesper Lund takes over from Karsten as daily manager with work. He’s a predictable guy, to yours truly likeable, so that’s no dire news. Those would come in the shape of the ways we practice our business of developing systems. I find it a sad fact that we do not, or should I say, ‘not until now if that’s up to me’, develop our systems by way of a defined method hereof. It’s just, and has been for years, about having a chat with the lead consultant on the domain, then going off and getting in front of the screen, from word go working on the first user interface. There is not the intention and apparently not the desire on anyone’s part to document what they do. There literally exists no documents on our systems. That’s a damn discrace as far as I’m concerned. Building complex systems require a defined systems development approach, it can’t just be hacking away. Thor shakes his head a me when I go ranting about it, which I think I do a lot. But that’s because it’s so important to me: to be professional in what I do. And working on something which involes a number of domain experts, which might be taken over by someone else at some point, which is scalable and built on a basis of having to be reusable in other contexts, well one has no other choice of going the way of a defined systems development theorem, if one desires to be at all professional. Now this won’t develop into a major battle, of course, but I guess it bothers me enough as to be penning it, here. ~~~