Have just enjoyed three days of peace and quiet and good company. With the holidays given to us by way of our nation’s Christian faith, V decided to visit with her parents and friends on Funen; which in turn allowed me to invite Thor over. So he came and stayed throughout the three days, and we saw a bunch of movies (‘A Good Year’ deserves the greater mention) together, had some beers together, went for a walk and shared some laughs. And ’twas good to get out from under the family wing. Not would I care to imply I feel a burden heavy on my shoulders, I merely suggest I do well with, once in very while, a bit of time without a wife and daughter around. Given the last many weeks of stress and emotions everywhere and all around on account of the what’s-going-ons with her stomach and intestinal(o) system, I do not blame myself. She’s everywhere and all around herself, in her incapability to maintain a composed front. This is not an attempt to apply blame, I myself would fare in exactly the same way as she (well, perhaps with the tiniest bit of added restraint). They are only, to a rather magnificient woman such as herself, natural progressions(o) on a life where too many uncertainties dominate. So, no, no blame on my part, but I do ask of her, and is given, time without her; do digest it all, granted a pause from the commotion, time to reset the defences and await another ring of the bells for another round. I came from loneliness and no spoken words let alone emotions uttered, and I do not fare well in circumstances of a continuous bombardment of emotions on her part. So time and again I’m offered a truce, and I do take it. Of course, by the end of the day, when she’s back on the doorstep, I time and again learn how fortunate I am to be so favored by an understanding wife as to be allowed time to myself. She’s so in her woman’s ways. Would I have her any other way, no. Not in years, especially these. I fall in love with her again when she’s back after being away, yet another reason to find time on my own. Then when she goes on about it all and everything related hereto, I get tired and the love fades and I long for a bit of time on my hands. Then that time is upon me and I begin to miss her so, and I begin to remember how much I love her. I do need my pauses from family life. And I consider myself lucky to be blessed with a wife who understands this. ~~~ Had a brief chat with the film’s distributor the other day. They have not yet been met with stock-replacement orders, and there’re no rental-charts to behold either, so they’re in the dark about the turnover so far. Never matter; I’ll be happy with just about anything. I did notice how the movie is available on peer-to-peer sharing networks, i.e. downloadable from the internet, free of charge. That’s a strange experience, to have one’s own work distributed illegally. I won’t make a fuss about it; I’ve myself downloaded illegal material through the years, how could I possible with a clear conscience do a witch-hunt on a few otherwise decent folks who just want to see what the film’s all about? I’ll think of it as poetic justice and commence some downloads of my own. ~~~ Send out some more emails in regards to getting the scanning-operation going. It’s difficult to try and make a business where none seems called for, to supply one’s own demand. I guess stirring things up a bit won’t hurt any, and at any rate I take good care in being incredibly polite upon contacting others. I would not mind, would not mind a bit, if I were somehow able to create a business from scratch. It would be a most favorable position. Hard work, of course, but ultimately highly (self)fulfilling. Let us see where it all leads. There are so many ways leading from here. I have come, this following the film’s (in my mind) succesful distribution (hell, even _securing_ a distribution made it succesful in the first place), full circle in … something. I don’t know exactly what, only do I know I can think of – dream of – various alternative routes my life may take me. I do my best to try and honor the opportunities as they come along, try my best at creating some myself. Trying not to waste my time. I so look forward to seeing how it goes. Would I be happy even if nothing came of trying to go self-made, and I were still working, in five years’ time, at UNI-C? I do belive I would. Right now, though… ~~~ … I’ll focus on present happiness. They’re coming back tomorrow, my darling girl and my darling girl, and I fully expect my happiness to truly take off from there. Around the corner there’s a formula-one race, next week the Monday’s a holiday, I could go on and on. Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.