A rather long weekend, spent in the company of mum and dad. A solo trip – had wanted to put some time in the bank, sts, so V went and visited her parents sans daughter, apparently a strange sensation, she confessed to continuously listening for the young one, even though of course she knew she wasn’t there. Visiting the folks was, as always, a drag. Very little adult-to-adult talk, much ado about playing in the sand, running about, keeping her entertained. I could’ve been adament she spent some time playing on her own, but I shied away from the confrontation; there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to hear the folks, mum especially, venture her bouts of “that’s not gonna get you anywhere, young lady”, of course in believed support of yours truly but she truly hasn’t a clue of how to talk to a three-year old. Perhaps in her mind she’s six or seven, or sorts. No-one three years of age would understand that kind of tone. Perhaps I simply shy away from it because it reminds me of how she once adressed me, in the same fashion? I’m not bothered about it, but I will utter this in support of V, that this darling girl of ours isn’t going there solo until she’s twice her present age, or better that. As always, they were highly generous with their money, which was great, in a time well needed. ~~~ I remain fixed in my spot here at the intersection. I have several choice ahead of me, all of which represent a gamble in life. Where to go from here? I have not been satisfied with my latest ‘personal-development interview’ with the boss (Jesper Lund, who took over from Karsten when the latter moved upwards). I wound up severely underpaid in comparison with those around me and, notably, the comparable jobs offered by the private sector. So what to do? One option is pursue an independent career c/o the industrial scanner I bought towards this very purpose. Only I remain insecure about the potential financial prospects hereof. Albeit very close to making up my mind about this, a less risci choice, yet supposedly not so personally rewarding, is going the regular way of sending out job applications. I note with some delight there’re some decent positions out there, suitable my knowledge and people- and language skills. Not a hundred percent what I want to do, but would be better than just ‘okay’. Would be good. So, I’m faced with choice leading me to a number of places I would not at all mind go. I had better, then, bring out the scale and balance the risks vs. the rewards. I do at least possess the knowledge that I have done that before (movie-business) and won’t be a stranger on those lands. Timing seems an issue, also. I admit to be treading water. ~~~ V gets better all the time. In a better mood, too. Her diet and the colon-cleansing seemed to rid her body of that blood and smile in her urine and what have you, so the threath of having someone insert a camera on a stick up through her rectum has faded somewhat. Having begun to believe, religiously so, there would always and forever be a crisis in our midst, I’m looking forward to some beneficial days of ‘no news from the Western front’. Visiting with Thor every (available) Thursday does me absolut wonders. Only hope he enjoys the company as well. As his own foray into hosting an independent business isn’t working out a hundred percent to his expectations, he’s looking forwards London; where the job-offerings are, in a ridicously only-God-could’ve-planned-this-out way, suitable to his skills and single-and-carefree position in life. I do envy him somewhat. I will accept some of the credit for directing his eye towards the UK, and hope all works out to his liking. ~~~ Filed my tax-return. A lof of zero’s, as far as the firm is involved. Privately, I may have filed too little in regards to milage-compensation (one is compensated, taxation-wise, for travelling long distances to work), so am anxious to get a hand on my return for the year. Will be a while coming, though, they’ll be confused about the double-firm ownership thing (registered the Scanningcompany earlier this year). ~~~ Picked up an in memoriam by grandma, in honor of granddad, given his departure, this at ninety-nine years of age, earlier this year. I remain sorry I don’t remember much of him; such a distant character, already at the end of his sixties when we were born, so not much playtime as far as he was involved. And that’s how kids remember, isn’t it, through play. No doubt he was a man who applied his skills and left his mark, and, I believe, a man of honorable deeds and good intentions. As such, he will have left this world a richer one than the one he came into. ~~~ Update on the where-am-I-going-with-this thingy: called Ulla the financial advisor today, opted for a thirty-year, one-year-no-payment loan, in exchange of the twenty-year one of today. Where will this take me? ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.