Called on bosses Karsten and Jespers for a collective though informal chat about wages in the public vs. the private sector. ‘Collective’ meaning myself, Lars, Bo, and Henrik present. All of us had apparently felt a lack of communication in regards to the matter of the size of our paycheques, which, when looking towards the private sector, lack a helluva lot to be desired. If we’ll be taken seriously, this remains to be seen. But let it be said I doubt if anything will come of it, as valiant as any attempt by Karsten and/or Jesper may be. It’s a horribly rigid world of red tape and I do not envy them. They at least appeared to be willing to go the distance in our favor, which was – though no less would’ve been acceptable – terrific. Still I spent a large part of my evening polishing my corriculum vitae and honing my job application. This in the presence of Thor, largely interrupted by our playing chess (at which he beat me 3 to 1), with whom I was visiting. Always a pleasure, and he, too, was on the internet looking for employment, as a matter of fact. I basically copied the layout of his CV, graceful favor of his, he has done a terrific job with it. He has so many skills to speak of, I doubt not he’ll find a motivating job to keep him happy. I very much hope so. Back in regards to my own position, well I’m sending out another application tomorrow Friday, I guess this speaks for itself. Tried but failed – not by err of my own – to upload my CV to an English website, totaljobs.co.uk. Having cleared this with V, there’s no doubt in my mind I would benefit enourmously from such a contract job, if it were to be. The wages are grand over there and what this wouldn’t do to my CV, I could dream of a chance like it. ~~~ Got eight thousand from back-taxes, will be accessible from my account at the turn of the month. Such an fortunate turn of events, having just seen V have to cough up two thousand to dear IRS I got somewhat anxious about my own prospects. But good fortune to the rescue. Will do my checking account nicely, I believe there’s a slight deficit. ~~~ Tired, now, at half a one past one o’clock. Opted to travel home to Soroe instead of spending the night on Thor’s otherwise very comfortable couch: as we dismissed the evening well into the night, at one, I faced some sad four hours of rest before having to get up and deliever the young one into kindergarten anyways. This way I’m back in Soroe around three o’clock, means five hours of sleep and a chance to be some kind of awake and not fall off the bike, plus there’s no concern about missing trains and such. But I probably won’t be worth much tomorrow. Contemplate taking the day off, actually. Also I forgot the darling girl’s bicycle helmet at Thor’s (or at least I damn well hope so, or it’ll be in some train somewhere, lost for good), so I’d better put her on my shoulders and carry her the distance or risk crashing the bike, and her, out of general fatigue. Won’t do, will get hurt that way. ~~~ V got the good news from her interview at the hospital, as the young physician there had no intentions of inserting, anally, a camera into her rectum to clarify the cause of the blood and slime in her feses(?) of late. Rather, he was ready to allow her diet and exercising lifestyle of the last three weeks the honor of the symptoms having but altogether gone away, and to her joy and relief complimented her of this. At least that’s how she put it, and I certainly believe the joy and relieve bit. He put the symptoms down to an upset intestine, probably due to some stubborn hemmroges(?), thus subscribed more of the same lifestyle and get back to us if the issue persists. Good for her, she’s put some thought and energy into clearing her body of all evil. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Probably won’t be worth much. Let’s see how it goes. Am hoping for a quiet day.