Weary and stomach-ached awakening and day throughout. Effects of too much alchohol consumed at V’s mothers birthday-party on Funen, which we attended yesterday. Horrible preparations to it, had tried but failed to get the little one to sleep for a spell and she was constantly near hysteria, had us wanting to drive back and forget about the whole thing. But we sat through it, and it turned out to be a very pleasent affair. Downed enough different brands of alchohol as to garner the surplus to keep our darling girl entertained, and although this day I suffered the effect, I’m convinced she had one hell of a time, which makes me proud of myself. ~~~ No paperwork in regards to the new job in the mail as yet. I do hope it’ll arrive soon enough, have informed so and so many people about it and I’ll look a complete dork if nothing comes of it. ~~~ Great news for Thor, who passed his Oracle test with flying colors. And confessed to my purchasing the answers to the test on ebay may have had a say in it… Hope to see him here on Thursday, although a potential assignment in London may come to call and prevent this. Chances are he’s in for a job-interview with a banking institution there, would mean a four-hundred percent salary-increase and one heck of a time to do what he does and likes best, I hope the world for him. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.